You're “not in the mood”… again. Instead of reaching for some chemically-concocted pill, faking it, or simply ignoring him, do something to help the situation… Eat! Yes, there are Bites with Benefits that act as aphrodisiacs. This is the list of foods to get her in the mood (another one will be posted soon to get him in the mood too).

Wine—it’s the antioxidant resveratrol that increases estrogen levels in a woman, leading to heightened arousal. Make sure it’s organic!

Filet Mignon—Maybe she is worth the steak dinner. Protein increases levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, causing you to be more alert and assertive. Again, organic, grass fed is the better option. Vegetarian? Try a veggie chili filled with beans and tofu. The point is the protein, not necessarily the meat.

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Chocolate—It’s TRUE! Chocolate does a body (and sex life) good. A study has found that women release four times as many endorphins after eating chocolate than after a passionate kiss. So let the chocolate work for you!

Bananas—More than looking slightly phallic, bananas  are filled with potassium and Vitamin B, both essential for hormone production.

Mustard—What’s more romantic than a date at the ballpark? Maybe what goes on after chowing down a mustard-slathered hot dog during that date at the ballpark! Mustard has been shown to stimulate sexual glands.

Pineapple—Pineapples l are rich in vitamins essential to a strong libido. You’ve also heard about eating a LOT of them right…? If not, let’s just say that eating a lot of pineapple changes your body’s scent.

Ginger—Particularly revved up after a Sushi date? It may be the Ginger, which is a powerful circulatory system stimulant, sending blood to the sexual organs. Ginger is also a great immune boosting bite with benefit.

Caffeine—Who knows what your coffee date might lead to. Not only does it boost your energy levels, but Caffeine also increases blood flow to the sexual organs.

Garlic—Just remember the mints, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this food on your sexual stamina, without causing a stink.

Keep it natural and you’ll have her revved up in no time. If not, at least she will have eaten really well